Citizen Chicken is Owned & Operated by Founder & Director Mubina Riyaz Desai, since 2011. Citizen Chicken was founded to serve extremely picky & great quality chicken to chicken lovers.

It was initially started with farming & selling chicken at the wholesale markets & has served supreme quality chicken for a decade & has maintained high standards of safety & hygiene while producing chickens at its poultry farms. In the short span of period, Citizen Chicken has sold more than 15 lacs unit & that’s where the journey begins! The grand success of the wholesale market has encouraged Citizen Chicken to raise its product & market range in the retail market along with mutton, marinated chicken & Sea-food variant.

Today, Citizen Chicken has immense capacity to serve the most Hygienic &Ala- grand Chicken to more than 1000 customers a day. Lack of meat certainty, safety and hygiene, which made the experience of buying meat highly agonizing. There was dominated visibility of the problems and disparity that exist even now in the meat market. To create initial worth offering, Mr. Riyaz Desai had to meet different people & understood their concerns about ideal meat purchasing. Nevertheless, meat – particularly the occurrence of buying it – remains a condemned topic in India, hidden in black polythene and obtained quite hurriedly from unsanitary slaughterhouses that are clustered in some of the uncleaned and most crowded places of the city. Mr. Riyaz Desai has initiated a step to change the prototype with the help of technology and innovation, so Citizen Chicken  has put all its efforts to bring out meat to the limelight by uncovering the real meat for all.

Unlike Traditional poultry farms, Citizen Chicken has acres of grazing farms where a well-trained professional team nurture the best quality chicken breeds.

Why Citizen Chicken

“There is an ordinary chicken & there is Citizen Chicken.” So, following are the reasons why one should always choose us & why Citizen Chicken differs from others:

  • Chicken raised by natural farming methods in restricted bio-security region
  • We provide all-natural environment ensures health and stress-free upbringing that eventually provides for high-grade quality meat.
  • Each chick is carefully checked by approved veterinary experts, who performs required inspection and certify their health and fitness for Human consumption.
  • Exclusively selected after age and weight standardization
  • 100% vegetarian feed
  • 100% free of antibiotic residue
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Non-industrial butchery
  • Net weight of prepped meat only
  •  Temperature controlled Between 4 °C -8 °C
  •  We don’t sell meat that has been rejected during quality check

We have our dedicated team of experts focusing on food quality, freshness &nutrition. Every single food item has to pass through the defined quality matrix & rejected food items don’t pass on to the market.


We endeavour to bring you the best cuts of chicken. We strongly believe that food is best relished when it’s fresh, which is why we are so peculiar about what we serve on your plate.The our poultry farms from Citizen Chicken is grazing land-raised and carefully selected by experts, before it makes its way to kitchen. Try our hygienic cuts of chicken legs, chicken breast, chicken curry pieces and more, to complement every dish of your choice.

Chicken provides a good amount of nutrition and is also affordable, making it an ideal choice among food enthusiasts, and households. This white meat is known to support good health by providing high levels of lean protein, carbohydrates & fat.

Goodness of Chicken

Chicken gives scientifically validated nutritional benefits that make it a healthy supplement to our daily meals. The benefits include:

  • A high-protein density that helps in developing and preserving lean muscle volume
  •  Natural source of B vitamins that promote enzymatic reactions in the body
  •  An origin of selenium that is believed to reduce infection and body oxidative pressure
  •  Embraces minerals like phosphorus and calcium that sustain bone health
  •  A source of vitamin B6 that helps in preventing heart attack